5 Reasons Why You Should Write A Blog For Your Business

By Kevin Anderson | All Posts

Sep 22

I wanted to share with you my 5 top Reasons Why You Should Write A Blog For your business. It’s a subject that’s come up in conversation with a number of clients – so here’s what I’ve shared with them.


A blog gives you the opportunity to show a different side to your business. It can be the platform that introduces you and your team on a more personal level. It’s a great way of humanising your website content. And although it’s a cliche – people buy from people.


Google likes blogs. If you have a website with static content that never changes, then the little Google Robots won’t pop by as often as they should. Each blog you post reminds Google, and your audience that you still exist. Remember though – you’re writing content for real humans.


A consistently written blog, shared with a relevant and engaged audience is the key to building relationships online. And one blog post at a time, that growing relationship will eventually be a trusting one. And trust, is the most powerful asset your business can have.


Your blog can be the strongest positioning tool for you and your business. It can share your expertise, experience and knowledge. Each blog post yiur write gives you the opportunity to teach something new and connect with your audience.


If all this sounds a little bit fluffy or touchy feely then you’ll be glad to know that a blog can become a stone cold lead generator for your business . Sharing valuable free content in a blog post and then directing your readers to a free ebook or White paper is a hugely successful lead generating strategy.

That’s my top 5 reasons why you should write a blog for your business –

  • Personality
  • Visibility
  • Trust
  • Authority
  • Leads

What’s your top 5. Leave a comment or tweet me @kevanderson with #WhyIBlog


If you’re looking for more inspiration on why you should blog, here are 3 sites that I think will help.

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