About Square Tree

What We Do

Square Tree Marketing exists to help businesses grow. I do this by providing free advice and resources as well as a broad range of consultancy services focussed on three key areas that we call The Square Tree Three. My job is to give businesses the tools to generate more leads, convert more of those leads and to retain as much profitable business as possible.

Want to find out more – go to our contact form or phone me on 07873 110097

The Personal Bit

Square Tree Marketing is me, Kevin Anderson. After 7 years working as a member of the senior management team at D.C. Thomson I decided it was time to put the skills and experience I’ve gained over the past 17 years to use for myself by helping businesses that simply aren’t getting the most from their marketing efforts.

Over that time I’ve worked in media sales, marketing and product management roles for companies such as News International, Viacom, NCR and most recently D.C. Thomson.

I’m married to Gill, the most tolerant woman in the World. We’ve got three brilliant kids Matthew, Lewis and Jamie all aged 10 or under and we live in the village of Inchture which is almost midway between the fine cities of Perth and Dundee. Working from home means I’m able to spend more quality with them.

Each morning now I walk our youngest (Jamie aged 5) to school. It’s a simple thing, but it’s something I’ve missed out on with Matthew and Lewis. It’s become part of my daily routine. Another key part of that routine is embarrassing Matthew and Lewis in the playground by loudly informing them that I never got my morning kiss! Yes I am already THAT dad.


The Name

Some of you may be wondering where the name ‘Square Tree’ came from. I was trying to come up with something abstract. It was proving easier said than done. Then it happened, while watching my eldest son Matthew build an amazing another World in Minecraft, I spotted a row of perfectly square trees. I didn’t think about it at the time, but I woke up at 3am the next morning and had the ‘Square Tree’ bit sorted. It wasn’t a giant leap to add the ‘Marketing’ onto the end of it.