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Feb 23

All leads are not equal

By Kevin Anderson | Lead

The temptation when it comes to lead generation is to focus on quantity, rather than quality. Every business is different, and for some, it is very much a volume game. It’s about feeding the funnel and hoping that with so many opportunities, some of them will turn into business. In my last job I was tasked with creating new systems for generating leads for a sales force of over eighty people. Some of those sold over the phone, while others sold face-to-face.

With such a big team, operating in a difficult and competitive marketplace, it was very much about creating a volume of leads. We continually refined what we did to so that there was quality added to the quantity. We were able to get more success by focussing on the leads that had more chance of converting. I learned a lot about lead generation and while the principles are the same, the implementation as a small business owner is altogether different.

The Plumber Example

A typical plumbing firm will offer a range of services. From emergency repairs, gas central heating system installation as well as bathroom and kitchen fitting. Each service offering will have a different price range and a different profit margin. Getting a website enquiry for the fitting of an outside tap; a job that costs in the region of £100, clearly isn’t the same as getting a telephone enquiry for the fitting of a new kitchen, a job that could be worth in the £5,000 range.

You’d need to sell an awful lot of outdoor taps (50) to make as much as a single fitted kitchen. Now clearly this example is overly simplistic, it doesn’t take into account the costs involved, the time it takes or the fact that it is easier to convert a lower valued lead, than a higher one. That aside, there can be no denying that most plumbers would rather get more higher yielding and profitable opportunities.

First Steps

The thing is, that doesn’t happen by chance and it really is a case of “if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” In order to get the quality of lead you want, you first have to define exactly what type of business you want to attract. So ask yourself, what are the three sales leads that would have you doing a mini-fist pump?

Once you clearly define your top 3 wish list, you can set about the task of developing your own lead generation strategies for each of them. Narrowing the focus and directing all your lead generation efforts on the opportunities that will make the biggest impact on your business can really accelerate the growth of your business.

The thing is, you’ll still get the ‘business as usual’ leads you typically get anyway, so you’ll not be losing anything by taking this approach.

In Practice

One of the by-products of narrowing your focus, is your ability to articulate more clearly exactly what it is your looking for. The simple act of telling those around you what you want can make it far easier for them to refer work to you.

If you’re our fictional plumber, and a plumb lead (sorry) is a high-end kitchen installation here are 5 practical steps you could take to attract your perfect lead.

5 Quick Tips

1. On your website

Create a dedicated landing page on your site optimised for the keywords and phrases related to the high-end kitchen installation projects you’re after. Add a link to this page on your main navigation. Consider adding a button or promotional panel as part of your sites template so that EVERY visitor, regardless of  which page they arrive on, are aware of your new focus

2. Your Tradesmen Network

Make sure any tradesmen you partner with are aware of what type of work you are after. If for example you use a specific electrician for all your installations, then it is absolutely in his best interest to help you spread the word. You might want to sweeten the deal by either offering to pay them slightly more for their services for any kitchen installation jobs that matches your specific criteria, for example installs with a total cost of over £5,000. For other tradesmen that you don’t directly partner with, you could consider offering a small referral / finders fee to encourage them to direct opportunity to you, rather than your competitor. Make sure any fee is tied to getting actual business, rather than just a lead.

3. Dedicated sales materials

It makes sense to produce some dedicated sales materials to promote your high-end kitchen install services. In particular showcasing similar kitchen installation projects you’ve completed that match the types of jobs your aiming for works really well. Go beyond the simple before and after shots. Tell the story. Make it compelling and include photographs of the happy clients. As much as possible, let them do the talking. This all might sound like hard work, but a powerful, compelling case study, rather than a weak testimonial can make the difference between you getting a strong, warm lead. Better still, produce a short video case study to really make the story come to life.

4. Facebook Page Focus

Get your Facebook page right, and it can become a key part of your lead generation strategy. Changing the focus of your page is simple and using it to share with your audience the type of work you’re looking for can drive leads. Adding one of the new Call to Action buttons to your page can be used to drive traffic to a booking form on your own site.



Depending on the status of your page (determined my quantity of likes) you will also be able to create a dedicated offer and promotion. Add to this the ability to Boost individual posts and undertake a carefully targeted Facebook advertising campaign, then hopefully you will see that Facebook can do a whole lot more than sharing entertaining photos of grumpy cats. If you haven’t got your own Facebook Business Page I strongly recommend that you get one.

5. Make the offer compelling

Creating a strong call to action that you can consistently use on your website, on your Facebook page and in all your sales materials has to be an essential part of the lead generation process. If you think a strong call to action is something along the lines of  ‘Get a FREE no obligation quote today’, then you’re wrong. First of all, who ever pays for a tradesman to give them a quote? I’ve never done it and a free quote is now expected. So there is nothing exceptional about this. It is weak.

A much better call to action would be

  • ‘15% of all Kitchen Installations ordered today.’ or
  • ‘Free built-in TV system with all orders booked by Tuesday 24th February’.

Final thoughts

That’s just 5 small examples of how our fictional plumber could generate more of the right kind of leads for his or her business. There are hundreds of strategies and tactics they could employ, but they have to start somewhere, and just putting in place these 5 would generate the quantity of quality leads that have the power to change their business.


As part of my own lead generation process, I’m offering a free one hour ‘Lead-Convert-Retain’ consultancy session. These can be done in person, over Skype or over the phone. The aim of the session is to give you at least one idea that you can use to grow your business. Visit our Booking form to claim your spot or call me on 07873 110097 to find out more.