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Jun 16

Quest Scotland Testimonial

By Kevin Anderson | All Posts , Testimonial

IQuest Logo - Square Tree Marketing Testimonial Page‘ve been working with Laura Mason at Quest (Scotland) Ltd. for a number of months now, to help develop their marketing plans for their Train the Trainer qualification. I created and presented the plan to Laura, who then commissioned me to implement several key marketing initiatives.

Here’s what Laura has had to say.

“Kevin at Square Tree Marketing has made my life so much easier. Marketing was something I struggled to fit in, during busy times and also something that I don’t actually enjoy doing.

I asked Kevin to focus on a ‘Train the Trainer’ qualification that we offer called “Planning and delivering learning sessions to groups” and help me to market it effectively. First he produced a marketing plan explaining all the options and then we started working on a few things which really made a difference.

1. A landing page for train the trainer on my website, which means potential customers can find the information easily.

2. A video promoting the product.

3. A new information pack and invite for the training.

4. An updated Facebook presence and LinkedIn page.

Within a few days of launching the landing page we had a new customer who booked 2 train the trainer sessions.

I think where Kevin excels is he makes me feel that he is working with me, rather than for me. He cares about the results too. His writing ability is also fantastic. I would have toiled over an article, hated writing it, but with Kevin I just give my views and majestically a well written piece is produced.”

Laura Mason,

Quest (Scotland) Ltd.