Content Credits

Content Credits - The Simple Way to outsource your Content Writing

Buying any business service can be a complicated and long drawn out process. So many different options. So much confusion, Too many caveats. It's the same when you buy copywriting and content writing services. I'd initially created a very complicated pricing structure for different types of writing. There were different pricing structures for blog posts, web pages, press releases and articles. It confused me, so I can imagine it confused everyone else.

That's why I introduced Content Credits.

Each Content Credit gives you 350 - 600 words of Written Content. You've got ultimate flexibility on how you use them. You might buy five credits and use three of them to get fresh new content for your website, one for a new blog post and the last for your next email newsletter. It's entirely up to you - they're your credits and you're free to spend them as you see fit. 

How exactly does this work?


I'd always recommend that we speak BEFORE you buy your Content Credits. I view any writing project as a partnership. Starting with a face-to-face, telephone or Skype conversation makes sense. 


Happy with how our chat went? Then the next step is to buy your Content Credits. An online purchasing facility is 'Coming Soon' but in the meantime, I'll raise an initial invoice & once paid - the writing starts.


Once payment is made we plan your content. How do you want to spend your Content Credits is first on the agenda followed by the details of each content item I'll craft for you. 


I create each content piece in the order you've requested and to a schedule we jointly agree. Each piece of content I write comes with unlimited redrafts until you are happy delighted with your content. 

How much does a Content Credit cost?

Content Credits cost between £70 and £100 each, depending on the number of credits you are looking to purchase. In other words the more you buy, the lower the price per Content Credit. If you have the need for regular content writing services on a monthly basis (for example an on-going blog you wanted updated weekly) then my Content Writing Subscription option will lower the cost per Content Credit further.

Content Credits

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