Content Writing Subscription

Imagine NEVER having to worry about writing content again? 

Being a committed Content Marketer is easier said than done. You know the value that well written content can add to your business and you're a true Content Marketing believer. You have some fantastic content ideas; a series of blog posts that will help you connect with your audience, a new approach to one of your webpages and of course you've got a killer idea for your next email newsletter.

But reality kicks in. Over and above all the wonderful content you'd like to write - you have a business to run, invoices to chase and countless demands on your limited time.

​I've created a simple and flexible approach to outsourcing your content writing. You pay a flat monthly fee at the level that works for your particular needs. At the start of each month we meet up in person or over Skype to plan the month ahead. The content can be anything you like the only restriction is that each content item is limited to a maximum of 600 words

Content Types

Blog Post

What could a regular blog post do for your business?

Web Page

Does your website content really reflect your business?

email Newsletter

Struggling to come up with content for your newsletter?

Case Study

Could a well structured case study help tell your story?

That's not an exhaustive list. Just because it's not listed, doesn't mean I don't do it. If you've got a content requirement that isn't captured above, just get in touch and we can talk it through. Maybe you need to write a script for a video or a presentation. Maybe you're looking to refresh your sales and marketing collateral. Or maybe you need to create content for an online course you're creating.

Although all content is different, my approach to content writing follows the no nonsense - Content is Content philosophy. I could go on at great lengths and explain why it takes longer to write a script, than it does a blog post - but running a business is complicated enough, you simply need high quality content written for you business. You've got the ultimate flexibility to decide what content you need written and you change the type of content you need on a monthly basis.

Your Question (Hopefully) Answered

What happens if I want more content written than my subscription allows?

Who writes my content?

What's a Content Credit?

How much do extra credits costs?

How many people do you work for?

Who is Kevin Anderson. Is he any good?

You'll more than likely have other questions. Simply fire them over to me by filling in our contact form

Pick the Perfect Package

2 per Month

Content every 2 weeks

Any Content Type

2 Content Credits

  • 350-600 words 
  • £87.50 per Content Item

£175 / month

(arranged through GoCardless)

4 per Month

Content every week

Any Content Type

4 Content Credits

  • 350-600 words
  • £81.25 per Content Item

£325 / month

(Arranged through GoCardless)

8 per Month

Content twice a week

Any Content Type

8 Content Credits

  • 350-600 words
  • £75 per Content Item

£600 / month

(Arranged through GoCardless)

Wordpress Publisher Option

If your website is powered by WordPress, I can for an additional £30 per post source a Creative Commons (copyright free) image for your post AND upload the content to your site. All that is required is to add me as an AUTHOR within your WordPress Admin Panel. 

£235 per month WITH WP Publishing

£445 per month WITH WP Publishing

£840 per month WITH WP Publishing

Please note: This option is only available for WordPress based websites. 

Kevin Anderson Content Writer

I've tried hard to create a simple, affordable and hassle free Content Writing service that can accelerate your Content Marketing efforts. You'll no doubt have some questions, so please just get in touch. I view this very much as a content writing partnership and my focus is to make sure it's a profitable experience for you and your business. 


I want this to be the start of a beautiful writing partnership where I help turn your content marketing ideas into reality. I'm confident you'll be delighted with the content I create, however if for any reason you're not - I'll refund you. No hard feelings. These things happen. And remember, if you sign-up for any of my Content Writing subscription packages and change your mind - no problem. You can cancel at any time. THERE IS NO TIE IN.

His writing ability is fantastic. I would have toiled over an article, hated writing it, but with Kevin I just give my views and majestically a well written piece is produced.

Laura Mason 
Managing Director - Quest (Scotland) Ltd.

I've taken a different approach to Content Writing, so I'd not be surprised if you have a few questions. Click the button below to be taken to our Enquiry Form and leave me a message and I'll get back to you. Alas there is no tone. OK here you go 'BEEP'. Seriously any questions - fire them my way.