Content Writing

The words you use and how you use them have the power to change the fortunes of your business. They have the power to capture attention, create a connection and persuade people that you can help them. Yet for many business owners, finding the time to write the content that will do them justice is simply beyond them.

For some though, the issues isn't a question of time, because some people just don't enjoy content writing, and others, including one of my own clients, would go as far to use the word 'hate'.

His content writing ability is fantastic. I would have toiled over an article, hated writing it, but with Kevin I just give my views and majestically a well written piece is produced.

Laura Mason
Managing Director, Quest (Scotland) Ltd.

I'm passionate about content writing and have developed the ability to speak with the voice of my clients. We'll have a series of conversations, I scribble copious notes, ask lots of questions and then I take the time to identify what makes them different. Throughout the process I'm also looking to capture their tone of voice - a key factor in creating real, authentic copy that connects with people.

If you're like Laura, or just don't have the time - then outsourcing your content writing makes perfect sense.

Blog Posts

A blog helps connect you with your clients & helps with your Google ranking. I can write compelling content on your behalf.

Web Page

Does the content on your site really reflect you and your business? I can write new web copy that will convert visitors into clients.

LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn now has a powerful publishing platform. I can write LinkedIn friendly posts  that reach key influencers in your industry.


eMail marketing still works, but if your content is weak it won't. I can write powerful newsletter stories that won't be ignored.