How Much Does It Cost To Write A Blog Article?

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Sep 16

I know that trusting a stranger to write something as personal as a blog article is a big step, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’ve made the decision to do so, the next logical step is to ask  – How Much Does It Cost To Write A Blog Article?

The truth is, whether you want to deal with someone locally or outsource overseas, you have a host of freelance writing suppliers to choose from. And many of them will offer their writing services for less than I do. Some, considerably so. On the flipside, there are many copywriters that will charge significantly more than I do.

Why The Difference

How Much Does It Cost To Write A Blog Article?

Kevin Anderson | Copywriter & Business Writer

Let’s take Blog Ghost Writing as an example. For the uninitiated this is where I write a blog post for your site that you take the credit for. I charge anywhere between £70 and £100 for a 500-650 word blog post. (You can find detailed pricing on my Blog Ghost Writing page).

I know local copywriters that will charge £35, and there are freelancing websites where you can get articles written for as little as $5. I’m sure you can see; that’s quite a difference.

I could quite easily tell you all about my 21 years marketing experience. Throw in some witty anecdotes, drop a few names and give you a brief history of my career in a bid to justify my pricing structure. But that wouldn’t answer the question.

The reason I charge what I charge is down to the process I employ to create copy that has a voice you recognise as your own.

The Process

Step 1 – Getting to know YOU

If you’re looking to fill in a form and have copy created without ever speaking to me – then I’m sorry, I can’t help you. I need to understand your business, your objectives, and more importantly I need to understand you. What makes you tick, how do you speak – because ultimately your personality should come out in the work I write for you. I can’t represent your voice if I’ve never heard it.

If you’re local (Dundee or Perth) we can meet in person or if you’re further afield – we can use Skype, Facetime or the good old fashioned telephone to talk through your requirements.

These meetings or calls typically take between 30 minutes and an hour. They are an essential part of the process.

Step 2 – The Blog Brief

Next, I take the notes from the ‘Getting to Know You’ session and create a more detailed Blog Brief, which acts as our roadmap.

Step 3 – Research (Light)

Armed with the brief, I start the process of gathering background research on your business, your competitors and, of course, the subject of the blog. This is a light piece of research to help create the outline of the post.

Step 4 – The Outline

Once I’ve got a handle on your business and your industry, I’ll be able to sketch out the structure of your blog post. This will usually consist of a list of 3-6 sub-headings along with any notes and typically a sentence relating to the conclusion of the post.

Step 5 – Green Light?

I send you the Blog Brief along with The Outline for you to approve, or amend. This makes sure that I’ve not misinterpreted anything from our initial conversation. The First Draft won’t start until you have agreed signed-off this element.

Step 6 – Research (Detailed)

The signed-off Outline gives me the confidence to undertake more detailed research. In some cases, this will simply be an extension of Step 3 although you may well introduce new source material during the Green Light phase.

Step 7 – Write First Draft

Finally! I can start to do what I love – writing. But steps 1-6 are vital to creating a blog post that does you justice.

Step 8 – Edit First Draft

After a short snack, a hot beverage of my choice or on rare occasions, a kebab, I re-read the first draft and make any necessary alterations.

Step 9 – Proof First Draft

I use a combination of online tools to proofread the first draft to make sure that grammatically, the writing is sound.

Step 10 – Send First Draft

I send you the first draft in Word (or PDF if you prefer) for you to review.

Step 11 – Feedback

After a review, you might have some changes you’d like to make to your blog post. Don’t worry, I won’t take this personally.

Step 12 – Write Metadata

The final writing task is to create the metadata for your post, to help with your Search Engine Optimisation efforts.

(Meta Description, Page Title, H1 Tag)

Step 13 – Send Final Draft

I send you the final draft for you to publish on your site. We exchange a ‘high 5’ or ‘fist bump’ (your choice) to acknowledge the start of a beautiful content writing partnership.

And that’s what this process is all about – partnership. It’s the only way I can create valuable content that captures your voice. You and I know that I’m essentially putting words in your mouth, but to your clients, and your website visitors – they’ll read words that are authentically you.

That’s why I DON’T charge $15 or £35 for a blog post.


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