In A Minute Ep 2 – Video Marketing

By Kevin Anderson | In A Minute

Jun 04


Welcome to In A Minute with Square Tree Marketing. Episode 2 – Video Marketing

I watch more online video than ever before.  And I’m not alone 78% of people watch videos every week, while 55% watch online videos every day. If I’m looking to learn something new, I’d much rather watch a video that shows, rather than text that simply tells. Creating videos for your own business used to require a serious budget. But not anymore. Video can now be produced at a fraction of the cost and you can do it yourself. Don’t get hung up on the quality of the video, focus on the content – that’s what you’ll be judged on. Need a more professional video? There are some wonderful videographers that don’t charge Hollywood budgets. Whatever you do, don’t discount the impact video marketing can have on your business.

There are some very handy video marketing infographics available on my Pinterest page.


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Pat Condie June 4, 2015

Very professional x

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