In A Minute Ep1 – Content Marketing

By Kevin Anderson | In A Minute

Jun 02


Welcome to ‘In A Minute’ with Square Tree Marketing. Episode 1 – Content Marketing.

Content Marketing is about giving away free and valuable content. Content that helps tell your story and make connections with your current and future clients. It’s about making sure that when you’re found, you’ve got content that you can be proud of. It might be a blog post or an article that helps people learn a new skill. It could be a short testimonial or a case study, that demonstrates why you’re trusted experts in your field. Or it could even be a short video to tell a story or teach a new concept. Each piece of content you create will be an asset for your business. An asset that builds relationships, trust and of course, over time – revenue.


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I'm Kevin Anderson, the captain of the good ship Square Tree Marketing, an average husband and father to three highly entertaining boys.

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