In a minute episode 3 Testimonials

By Kevin Anderson | In A Minute

Jun 12


Welcome to In a Minute, with Square Tree Marketing. Episode 3 – Testimonials.

There’s nothing better than having somebody tell the world, loudly and proudly how good you are at what you do. A testimonial, on your own website or shared on social media provides the social proof to turn a potential client into a real client. So many businesses don’t take advantage of them. They miss the opportunity to tell stories of their success. Simple short testimonials are great and very effective, but why not try doing something a bit different. Maybe a short video testimonial would work best for your business. Or for tradesman, use a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture to show your craftsmanship alongside the testimonial. Or take it even further by creating a bigger story – in the form of a case study.

A final note from me – I honestly think most businesses need to have a better focus on gathering and using testimonials. They make more of an impact than you realise, especially when shared on social media.


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I'm Kevin Anderson, the captain of the good ship Square Tree Marketing, an average husband and father to three highly entertaining boys.

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