Niche to see you, to see you Niche

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Sep 09

Niche to see you, to see you niche

Today, I made that classic mistake of asking the wrong question on The Content Marketing Academy Facebook group. The question, in question, was about what I should charge for two different types of copywriting. The question, though well intended, was wrong and frankly a little bit naive. Sometimes, like a lot of people, I get overly excited and want to move too quickly.

The question sounded simple enough, but there are so many factors that determine what anybody is willing to pay for anything. I have a much bigger, more fundamental question to address. Who can I best serve?

I’ve already made the decision to be a commercial writer.(If you’re interested you can read ‘the why I write’ blog post here.) That was a big decision for me, but I know that I now need to make an even bigger one. I need to narrow my focus further.

A Nice Niche?

I have worked in marketing communications, software development, publishing and the advertising industry. So it would make sense to focus on one of these areas. That would be logical. It’s where I have more authority and more credibility. But then I look at who I have worked with since launching my business in February this year.

  • A Baby Swimming Franchise

    “Niche to see you to see you…….”

  • A Learning & Development Company
  • An Executive Coach
  • An Event Production Company
  • An Outdoor Adventure Company
  • A Web Development Business
  • A Graphic Designer
  • A Construction Services Business
  • A Commercial Cleaning Company
  • A Mobile Bar Company
  • A Professional Guitar Player

The only thing that these clients have in common is that they have, on the surface, NOTHING in common. Some are B2B, and some are B2C, but as Chris Marr reminded me via his ‘The Marketing Academy Podcast’ I should be thinking about ‘P2P’ – PEOPLE to PEOPLE. In other words – people buy from people. Yes, it’s a cliche, but like most cliches – it’s true.

As arrogant as this may sound, the reason I have won and retained so much of that business is because I made a connection on a personal level. In all cases I work with the business owner, I spend the time to understand them as the unique individuals they are. Unique individuals that run unique businesses.

I’ve gone from the euphoric ‘after conference high’ to ’confused Kev’ in a very short space of time. I’ve probably been over thinking it.

The Non-Niche Niche?

I spoke to a few people today. All have The Content Marketing Academy in common. The advice I’ve received has been hugely valuable, and it’s helped me get the clarity I so badly needed. My niche is a little bit different, but I still think it qualifies as a niche. I want to work with Content Marketing ’True Believers’ that need help with any of their written content. The type of people that are as passionate about content as I am, but just need help producing the volume of written content they require.

And for those that fall into the ‘Write It Yourself’ category, I want to help them by offering practical advice, tips and support.

Final Thoughts

I’m a small man that runs a small business. I don’t need hundreds of clients. All I need is a handful of ‘true believers’ that I can develop deep relationships with. That’s who I can serve best and as far as personal breakthroughs go – this one is priceless.


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