Three Top Tips to Successfully Outsource Your Blog Writing

By Kevin Anderson | Blog Editing

Dec 10
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The decision to outsource your blog writing isn’t one to take lightly. I know that for some it’s a question of trust while, for others, it’s a question of cash. And for many – they’d rather write their own content. I’m a big advocate of that approach, and I’ve said before, that if you have the time and the inclination – you shoud ‘Write it Yourself’.

But if you have made the decision to outsource your blog writing, here’s three simple tips to do it more successfully.

Outsource Your Blog Writing Tip 1

View it as a writing partnership

You’re paying the writer, so the temptation can be to absolve yourself of any and all responsibility. Trust me, though, it’s far better to be part of the process. Take control and think about the piece you want to outsource. Simply providing a title and asking the writer to just ‘crack on’ is a recipe for disaster.

Be involved and engaged to get the best possible blog for your site.

Outsource Your Blog Writing Tip 2

It’s good to talk | Context is everything

I hate filling in forms; they’re impersonal, at times tedious and far too structured for my liking. And I don’t believe simply filling in an online form is a basis for outsourcing your writing.

Talking in person, over the phone or via Skype is a great way to start your blog writing outsourcing journey. You’ll get a gauge of the writers personality, and you’ll be able to provide her/him with the information they need to represent you.

Before you talk about your specific writing project, give your writer a gift. It’s a simple gift, but one that’s a game changer. Give your writer CONTEXT.

Tell them about your business, its values and vision. Share the ‘why’ you do what you do. Get personal – give your writer all three course – not just the main meal.

Any copywriter or content writer you outsource your writing to will able to weave a better story when they have the big picture.

Outsource Your Blog Writing Tip 3

Outlining | Managing Expectations

I can talk on good authority on this one. In my early blog writing days, I made the mistake of doing what I mentioned in Tip 1. I took a title and merrily penned the blog post as I saw fit.

On one occasion the client liked what I’d written, but they’d since had some other ideas that they’d like me to include. Sometimes, this is easier said than done because the flow of the blog might not suit the new content they want to include. In some cases I have rewritten the blog post entirely.

It’s inefficient for the writer and you.

An outline of your blog post will solve the problem. You might already have an outline in your mind. If so – share it, remember this is a writing partnership. But don’t worry, sometimes you’ll not have a clue where to begin.

In those cases, share as much as you can with your blog writer and, ask them to provide an outline before they start writing your blog. This gives you the opportunity to see the flow of the blog.

If the outline doesn’t look right, have that discussion with your blog writer. Tweak it as necessary. This way, you know what to expect, and your writer can start writing your blog with confidence as they’ll have a clear roadmap to follow.

Every Copywriter Is Different

Some copywriters might not agree with these tips, but I think you’ll benefit hugely by following the advice I’ve shared. As you develop your understanding of blog writing, you’ll likely have the confidence to go to your writer with outlines you’ve mapped out.

Here’s the process I recommend you follow when you outsource your blog writing

  1. Share your big picture (Context)
  2. Share your blog idea
  3. Share an outline OR ask your copywriter to create one for you
  4. Review & amend the outline
  5. Sign-Off the Outline
  6. Review & request changes to the first draft
  7. Sign-Off the Blog Post
  8. Publish

The Trust Builder

Do this and you and your blog writer of choice will have an enjoyable, engaging and productive partnership. Expectations will be managed from both sides, and you’ll get fresh, relevant blog content that will drive your business forward.

Outsourcing your blog writing will only ever work though if there is genuine trust between you and the copywriter. That trust will build over time, but having the concept of a writing partnership in your head will help get you and your partner off to a flying start.


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