We Have Lift Off

By Kevin Anderson | Square Tree News

Feb 27

While I’ve officially been in business for a few months, the phrase that seems apt for this week is ‘We Have Lift Off’.

This week I’ve been working with my first two clients. The Water Babies franchise in Dundee and Aberdeen and Complete Cleaning Contracts, who are based in Edinburgh. The two clients couldn’t be more different. One teaches babies to swim, the other offers a range of commercial cleaning services. They have three things in common though.

1. The opportunities came from Facebook

That’s right 100% of my clients so far have found me as a result of my personal Facebook updates. At the time I was really just sharing with my friends the fact that I had left the world of the employed and was about to start the process of setting up my own business. That act created awareness.

2. Both businesses wanted Facebook marketing assistance

Ironically enough Suzie and Steve both wanted help in setting up their own Facebook Page. The motivation was the same – they want to attract leads, they want to convert them and they want to maintain healthy relationships with their client base. The customer base couldn’t be more different, yet the principle of social media marketing will work for both businesses.

Yes, the implementation will naturally vary, but many of the tactics and strategies of effective Facebook marketing can work just as well for both businesses.

3. They were both a joy to work with 

The entire project with Steve at Complete Cleaning Contracts was done remotely, while the work for Suzie at Water Babies was carried out on site, at their office in Dundee. The communication, though different, were equally successful and both Steve and Suzie were a joy to work with. I’m comfortable working from my own office, but I’m equally at home working on site.

SexyMugI admit that it was especially nice to be part of the ‘office banter’ at Water Babies and special thanks to Jill, Jenni and Liz for treating me like ‘one of the girls’. Although the choice of mugs for my morning cup of tea had me slightly worried.

In the very short history of Square Tree Marketing, the last week of February 2015 will go down as my most successful, and enjoyable yet.

What I Learned This Week

  1. I get far more satisfaction working for small to medium sized companies and I believe I can make a bigger impact on businesses of this size. Working directly with the business owner and their team is especially rewarding.
  2. I don’t have to be like ‘other consultants’. I can do it my own way, with my own personality front and centre.
  3. www.canva.com is a brilliant, free online design tool. Anyone managing a blog, website or Facebook page should check it out.
  4. I love ‘Sexy Mugs’
  5. I love working with Facebook.
  6. I know Facebook Pages and Facebook Adverts have the power to deliver for small to medium sized business owners.

Next Week

With that last point in mind, I’ll be launching a range of Facebook Marketing services next week. It’s an exciting time for the business and for me personally.

Once again, I appreciate the support of everyone who has offered me words of encouragement and helped me get to this stage.

Finally though, a big thanks to Suzie, Jill, Jenni and Liz at Water Babies and Stephen at Complete Cleaning Contracts for giving me the opportunity to work with them.

Have a great weekend folks!


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I'm Kevin Anderson, the captain of the good ship Square Tree Marketing, an average husband and father to three highly entertaining boys.

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Yvonne Harrison February 28, 2015

Hi Kevin. Just want to say Congratulations and good luck for the future, still miss you around the office but you are so much better to be where you are now!


    Kevin Anderson February 28, 2015

    Thanks so much Yvonne. I do miss the place, especially people like you! Miss the banter, but you’re right, in all senses of the phrase – I’m in a better place. Take care, thanks for getting in touch & pass on my love to everyone.

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