What Should I Pay For A Blog Post?

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Sep 21

I was recently asked what I thought was a “fair price to pay for a blog post.” The interrogator was a friend, and, to be honest, it caught me off-guard. I’ve been asked to provide quotes for my content writing services before, but this was a good friend who will never become a client of mine.

I could have answered with an existential “what is anything really worth?” But I thought I needed a deeper, more profound response. After some consideration, I dug deep and summoned all my intellectual might and replied “It Depends.” Well actually, it sounded more like a question – “It Depends?”

When it comes to blog writing, you can pay anything from $5 to £500 for a blog post. That’s a huge gap and a completely unreasonable one on the surface. At least it would be if the $5 and £500 blog post were the same. I can’t be sure, but I’m reasonably confident that the quality of the £500 one will be higher than the $5 version.

Fair Enough?

Ultimately each business owner needs to determine the value of anything they choose to invest in. £500 for a blog post for a business that sells low-cost ‘widgets’ that retail for £1 would probably be extreme. But a £500 blog post for a company that sells commercial property, that nets £500,000 in profit, could be a worthwhile investment.

Only you as the business owner can determine what fair means. If you are looking at content writing as a means of creating blog posts that are simply SEO fodder to drive people to your website – then low cost, high volume content could work. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for ghostwritten blog posts that sound like you, share your values and make an authentic connection with your audience – then those will cost you more.

I’m not a commodity

A lot of writers accept that the words they write are commodities. Arrogantly, I don’t buy into that. There is only one of me. I’m unique, and therefore, I can’t be a commodity. I might have a similar command of the English language as my blog writing compatriots, but the experiences I’ve had are different.

Fair Do’s?

I’ve developed a process for ghostwriting blog posts, and other writers will have their own. I’ve set my prices based on that process and in a roundabout answer to my chums question – what I charge, based on my experience is fair.

But I’m a realist – and my advice is that you should only pay what you can afford for your blog posts.

For another perspective on the tricky question of blog writing pricing, I recommend you read Carol Tice’s excellent blog post on the subject. 


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