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Sep 08

Why YOU are your ideal Writer

There are certain universal truths that I believe. Firstly I genuinely believe that one day, I will have the growth spurt that I’ve been waiting for and reach the dizzy heights of 5 foot 4 inches tall. Conventional wisdom would suggest that at the age of 40 that my growing days are over. Unless you class weight-gain as growth, which I can empirically state is possible in the over 40’s.

The universal truth that I want to share today is this – nobody is better placed to write your content than you. From writing a blog post, website copy, eBook or white paper – you are the ideal content writing candidate and should ‘Write It Yourself’ (WIY). 

There will be no more authentic voice when talking about your business than your own. And this goes beyond merely having the ‘domain knowledge’ for your business and industry. It’s much bigger than that. You have the passion, and the perspective to tell your stories and make a genuine connection with those that read your words.

I’ve heard so many amazing stories of the power of content marketing and inbound marketing over the last few years. The speakers at last week’s Content Marketing Academy Conference in Edinburgh shared some powerful examples of businesses that have completely turned their fortunes around. All through the power of the written, or in some cases, spoken word.

So what holds people back? Some simply don’t believe in content marketing. But I think there is a HUGE subset of people that WANT to embrace content marketing but don’t. They don’t need convincing, but yet they sit on the sidelines, applauding others success. Why does this happen? I think the main reason is that they lack the confidence to share their stories with the World.

That lack of confidence is sometimes driven by the belief that they can’t write. Some don’t like the sound of their voice while others are perfectionists who toil to complete any writing project. Some are past-masters at making excuses.

You need content. You need to write. Don’t doubt yourself, just get started.

For me the best place to start and find your voice is to create a blog for your business. It’s never been easier to become your own publisher. Set yourself the challenge of writing two blog posts a week. They don’t have to be long, and they don’t have to be perfect. What they should be is helpful, informative and entertaining.

Don’t know where to start? Take the approach from Marcus Sheridan (www.thesaleslion.com) and follow the They Ask. You Answer. philosophy. Think of all the barriers that would stop someone buying the product or service you offer. Write them down. Then set about the process of addressing these directly in your blog posts.


I write for a living, it’s what I love to do, but everyone has the power to write engaging content, and everyone should. Have faith in yourself, ignore the negative voices and just create natural content that reflects your personality and your business.

If you’ve got a content writing question or are looking for inspiration fire me an email or better still – leave a comment on this post. And keep an eye out for future writing tips and quite possibly a special post sharing the news of my extraordinary growth spurt. #ItWillHappen #IWillBe5Foot5 #NBAHereICome


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